• A Profile of Law Enforcement Expert Anthony Domish

  • Posted on April 24, 2018
  • Those searching for Anthony Domish these days will find him living and working as a law enforcement specialist in Ferry County, Washington, not all that far from where he grew up. You see, Tony Domish was actually born and raised in Seattle, in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, and he attended O'Dea High School. Following graduation, he went on to study Criminal Justice and Public Administration. In addition to formal education, however, Anthony Domish also graduated from both the Washington Criminal Justice Reserve Officer Academy and the Washington Criminal Justice Basic Law Enforcement Academy.

    He’s not just about education, however, as Anthony Domish has managed to accumulate more than 4000 hours of specialized law enforcement training, post-academy. What that means is, he is very highly skilled and qualified to work and offer advice in the twin fields of criminal justice and law enforcement. Also, because Tony Domish also holds a certification from the Criminal Justice Training Commission First level, as well as certifications in middle management and executive, he is a great mind to play an advisory role for any law enforcement body.

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